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Facial harmony, what it is, and how to get it!

Facial harmony is one of the main factors that allow us to achieve beauty. It is the symmetry and the correct proportion between all the elements of the face to achieve a pleasant balance. Factors such as volume, size, or projection of facial features are decisive to achieve the best results. A very important part of aesthetic medicine focuses on achieving facial harmony. The doctors use the most modern techniques and resources offered by medical research worldwide.

The use of the so-called dermal fillers helps to achieve the desired effects. Its application allows modifying the shape and size of the features in those points where it is needed.

Know the elements that make up facial harmony and get it with the most advanced treatments in aesthetic medicine, without surgery and quickly.

Reveal your personality

Each person is different, and everyone can show a beautiful face on their terms. That’s why it’s impossible to set single standards for defining beauty. In other words, there are as many forms of beauty as there are people in the world.

However, the same person can achieve the best version of themselves. All they must do is highlight their favorable features and minimize or hide those that they find unattractive or uninteresting.

Therefore, when the patient comes to the office, it’s necessary to make a detailed examination. That allows us to detect the exact points where it is possible to apply some treatment that can favorably modify facial harmony.

Elements of facial harmony

Facial set. It is necessary to take into account the whole face. It is not enough to improve the eyes or the nose. Each change must consider the general effect that it will have on the whole face.

  • Nose. A transformation in the shape of the nose, however small it might be, offers a change in all the face proportions. It can highlight the eyes, to give them greater prominence and size, or lift the nasal tip, to achieve harmony with the chin.
  • Chin. The chin, which usually goes unnoticed by the eye, plays a central role in facial harmony. A prominent chin shows a strong and purposeful personality and can reduce the relative size of the nose on the face.
  • Eyes. The eyes are the main point of attraction on the face. They are the first thing you notice when meeting or talking to a person. Few elements such as small wrinkles or dark circles under the eyes can change the eyes’ appearance.
  • Cheekbones. Prominent cheekbones are the best way to highlight the size of the eyes. Many times, when we think someone has big eyes, it is the projection of the cheekbones that gives volume. In addition, the cheekbones form a triangle together with the chin, whose measurements and angles alter the overall facial harmony.
  • Lips. The lips are another point to highlight when talking about facial harmony. The lips are a center of attraction as important as the eyes. Thin or prominent lips, a delineated cupid’s bow, and a prominent lower lip can modify the whole appearance of the face.
  • Jawline. If the face were a painting, the jawline would be the best frame to highlight its beauty. A marked and prominent jaw offers a strong personality and modifies the whole perception of the face. This is why several facial harmony treatments focus on the shape of the jaw.

What is Facial Harmonization?

There is a specific treatment called facial harmonization.  It consists of injecting dermal fillers in points of the face, which modify its shape and size. Only an experienced doctor can apply them with total success. The best result depends on the dose, the treated area, and the application technique.

Facial harmonization consists of the application of dermal fillers to highlight or disguise certain facial features, to achieve the indicated proportion. When a patient undergoes this treatment, the transformation is amazing, with just a few touches on each section of the face.

Another important factor is symmetry. When the face shows noticeable differences between one side and the other.  It can be in the lips, eyes, nose, or any other area.

The face is naturally asymmetrical, which means that the two sides of the face are never the same. It is therefore necessary to be very cautious when seeking to achieve better symmetry with aesthetic treatments.

What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are substances that doctors apply to increase the size or change the shape of facial features. They are primarily Hyaluronic Acid, a natural substance present in the body in the first years of life, responsible for skin smoothness. Its application moisturizes and gives volume to the subcutaneous areas, with a beautifying and volumizing effect.

Among the uses of Hyaluronic Acid, it fills lines and wrinkles such as the nasolabial folds, the channels that go from the edge of the nose to the corners of the lips. Another important point is the so-called marionette lines, which go from the edges of the mouth to the chin.

For the effects of facial harmonization, hyaluronic acid offers the possibility of providing volume and protection in the points of the face that allows highlighting the beauty of each person.

Types of face

A factor when enhancing facial harmony is the type of face. Each of these types of faces offers the possibility of improving aspects that allow a better harmonization.

  • Round.
  • Rectangular
  • Square.
  • Heart-shaped.
  • Inverted heart.
  • Diamond.

There are many other types of faces, and in each of these cases, it is possible to make modifications to achieve beautifying effects.

The rule of three thirds for facial harmony

For facial harmony effects, you can see the rule of three-thirds. It divides the face into three sections: High: the forehead and eyes. Middle: nose and cheekbones, and Lower: mouth and chin. The rule indicates that these three parts should have equivalent proportions and that the features of each should be in harmony with each other in size and shape.

Learn about the benefits of the treatment for facial harmony

We invite you to learn about the benefits you can achieve with an harmonization treatment. See how a modification in one of the features of the face can change the whole.

Always consult with certified aesthetic doctors to make sure you receive the proper and safe treatment you deserve.