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Hyaluronidase to get your lips fixed

Why may you need to fix your lips with hyaluronidase? This question is common in the cosmetic doctor’s office.

First, you may rarely need to fix your lips after a lip filler treatment. However, sometimes patients come into the office after treatment with a non-specialized injector. In that case, they may be unhappy with their results. In other cases, they suffered a problem, such as an accidental blow or any other situation. That can lead, for example, to the migration of the product to an undesired location.

In such cases, you may need to repair the lip filler with an experienced doctor.

Your doctor may use, in that case, a substance that allows fading of the effects of hyaluronic acid, the dermal filler used for lip augmentation.
Learn about its advantages and how it works.

What is hyaluronidase?

One of the advantages of using hyaluronic acid as a lip filler is that this substance is natural, does not affect the body, and generates multiple benefits. Moreover, you can reverse the effect reverse with hyaluronidase.

When doctors fix the lips, they are reversing the bad effect of the filler. It is a substance that dissolves hyaluronic acid in the body, with no negative effects.

The doctor injects the hyaluronidase where he wants to dissolve the filler, and it fades away. This allows for repairing an undesired result and re-practicing the filler to achieve the patient’s goals, without damage and side effects.

Hyaluronidase is a naturally occurring enzyme that breaks down hyaluronic acid, the main component of most injectable fillers. By injecting it in the same area as the filler, it breaks down the filler, allowing it to remove or adjust without causing any damage to the surrounding tissue.

Characteristics of hyaluronidase

There are several benefits associated with hyaluronidase.

  • ∙ Hyaluronidase helps to reduce inflammation and swelling, as well as promotes wound healing.
  • ∙ It also increases the permeability of the skin.
  • ∙ Finally, it reduces the viscosity of hyaluronic acid, making it easier to inject and administer.

Benefits fixing the lip fillers treatment

Hyaluronidase is an enzyme that breaks down hyaluronic acid, which is the main component of lip fillers.

  • ∙ Reducing the viscosity of the acid makes it much easier to inject.
  • ∙ That provides a more precise and safer administration of the filler.
  • ∙ Additionally, it increases skin permeability, allowing the filler to be absorbed.
  • ∙ That gives a higher efficacy of the lip filler treatment.
  • ∙ Hyaluronidase can also be used to dissolve lip fillers when necessary.
  • ∙ This substance is a valuable tool for correcting mistakes or removing lip fillers no longer desired.
  • ∙ It reduces or eliminates unwanted or excessive filler or evens out asymmetric results.
  • ∙ The sustance also helps to reduce swelling and bruising after treatment,
  • ∙ It speeds up the recovery process.
  • ∙ It’s a safe and effective treatment for lip filler fixing, with minimal side effects.

Nine facts you must know about hyaluronidase

  1. Hyaluronidase is an enzyme that breaks down hyaluronic acid, the main component of lip fillers.

  2. It helps to correct or fix a misplacement of hyaluronic acid in the lips or other areas.

  3. Migration or misplacement of hyaluronic acid is often caused by poor injection techniques. In some cases, for a poor choice of product for a particular indication.

  4. It can be administered topically, intravenously, or by injection.

  5. The effects are immediate and an action of 24 to 48 hours.

  6. The substance works even if hyaluronic acid was injected months before.

  7. Besides, it treats a variety of medical conditions, including arthritis, joint pain, and skin disorders.

  8. Hyaluronidase is also used to increase the absorption of certain medications, such as antibiotics, and to dissolve blood clots.

  9. The substance is appropriate in the rare case of allergic reactions due to lips fillers.

How is the treatment?

  • ∙ Regularly, the treatment takes no more than 10 minutes.
  • ∙ It’s quick, acting immediately after the injection.
  • ∙ Your doctor will inject a small amount of hyaluronidase into the lips in the areas you want to dissolve.
  • ∙ You can see the lips deflation at that moment
  • ∙ Depending on your case, it can take several rounds of injections to achieve the result you want.
  • ∙ The doctor injects hyaluronidase injections the same way that hyaluronic acid-based filler injections.
  • ∙ It’s painless, but you may have numbing cream before the injections to avoid discomfort.
  • ∙ Hyaluronidase injections are safe without contraindications.
  • ∙ After the injections, you may choose to have fillers re-injections or not.

Be sure of going to an experienced doctor specializing in injections and the effects of hyaluronidase.

Consult your doctor to fix lip fillers problems

If you have a problem after a lip filler treatment, consult with a qualified professional. Only a doctor can ensure that you get the best possible results safely.

Visit Vive Medical Spa in Tijuana and find the best physicians trained and experienced in hyaluronidase injections. They can recommend the exact dose to get the best results and have a beautiful, relaxed, and natural look.

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