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Six reasons to have lip fillers besides volume

The reasons to have lip fillers can be more than augmentation or get volume. Besides, you can get incredible results for beauty and health.

Lips fillers are one of the most wanted treatments in the office. Men and women know that beautiful and tasty lips make them attractive.

For patients, new trends give more reasons to have lip fillers. They not only look to having augmentation or volume. The new techniques developed in Europe allow getting other goals, such as defining lips contour or repairing asymmetries.

Other reasons to have lip fillers can be:

You can have it to enhance the edge of the lips, get a well-marked Cupids arch, or correct an imperfection. A beautiful lip shape creates a new appearance for the entire face!

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What are Lip Fillers?

First, what are lip fillers, and why is the treatment so popular?

Lips fillers are one of the most wanted treatments in the esthetic doctor’s office. It consists of dermal filler injections, mainly hyaluronic acid, for lip augmentation.

  • Hyaluronic acid is a substance naturally found in the body. It’s responsible for hydrating and giving youths to the skin.
  • Only a specializing esthetic doctor must deliver dermal filler injections.
  • Primarily, it’s for safety because you need to be sure the provider is an expert in anatomy and the substance effects.
  • Besides, it’s for beauty because your doctor knows how to get the best esthetic output.  
  • The most famous brands of hyaluronic acid are Juvederm, Restylane, and Belotero, among several others.
  • The doctor injects hyaluronic acid into the lip area using a tiny needle.
  • The effect is almost immediate, and you can continue immediately with your activities.
  • Only must take care for one day or two to avoid shocks, pressure, or sun exposure.
  • Regularly, the results last from six to eight months, depending on your lifestyle, genetics, or condition.

Your doctor can suggest the best for you, depending on your goals. Some formulations make it long-lasting, thick, or soft. Besides, it can include lidocaine, a mild anesthesia to ensure the patient’s comfort.

Enjoy these new reasons to have lip fillers with the latest techniques

The new techniques in lip fillers allow the doctor to get the best results. The effects are more natural, avoiding the duck mouth or other unnatural output.

Instead of large injections into the upper and lower lips, the doctor can choose several small injections into some areas. Techniques such as Russian lips or Strip lips, among others, create incredible effects.

Visit your trusted doctor and talk to him about your goals. Learn about the options that you have for lips beauty.

Six reasons to have lips fillers besides volume

The most wanted effect of lips fillers is augmentation and volume. The lips fillers treatment gives bigger lips. But there are other reasons to have lips fillers, such as:

1.- Contour definition

One of the best reasons to have lip fillers is more shaped lips. This procedure involves injecting filler into the lips to plump them up and add definition. The results are often instantaneous and can last for several months. For those looking to enhance their lips with a natural look, lip fillers contour definition can be an excellent choice.

With care and maintenance, you can enjoy long-lasting results with lip fillers’ contour definition.

2.- Cupid archs

Lip fillers treatment helps to create the classic heart-shaped Cupid’s bow on the upper lip. Your doctor achieves this look by adding volume and definition to the top portion of the lip. The doctor injects into the area known as the philtrum, which connects the nose to the lip.

  • ∙ The goal is to create a more voluptuous upper lip. That brings attention and balance to the face.
  • ∙ The doctors create the Cupid arch using hyaluronic acid-based fillers like Juvederm or Restylane.
  • ∙ The physician injects treatments directly into the lips in small, strategic amounts.

Patients can expect minimal pain and bruising after the procedure, with an immediate result. The results last up to 12 months with touch-up treatments.

3.- Symmetry

Among the reasons to have lip fillers, you can enjoy creating symmetry. That means correcting differences in volume and shape between both sides of the face. By developing symmetry in the lip area, clients can achieve a natural-looking.

  • ∙ One of the key benefits of lip fillers is to help achieve a more symmetrical look on each side of the face.
  • ∙ By injecting filler into one side of the lips, an experienced professional can create a balance between both sides of the face. That provides a more aesthetically pleasing appearance in the lip area and can help create facial balance.
  • ∙ Lip fillers are also an effective way to correct asymmetry caused by scarring or injury.
  • ∙ By carefully injecting filler into the affected areas, it is possible to lessen the appearance of scarring or other irregularities.

4.- Hydration

Hyaluronic acid is very good at retaining water. Hyaluronic acid’s ability to store water is the main characteristic that allows it to give volume. Hydration benefits the tissues, since water is the main component that gives them health and smoothness.

For the patient, hydration generates healthy cells, healthy and beautiful skin, and a feeling of fullness and youthfulness.

The health of the lips tissues ensures their beauty.

5.- Rejuvenation

The combined benefits of hyaluronic acid for the skin and body help to rejuvenate the face and lips.

  • ∙ Lip filler treatment generates and stimulates collagen production.
  • ∙ Collagen is the protein that restores fullness to the tissues.
  • ∙ After lip filler treatment, the patient acquires a more youthful and healthy appearance.

The combination of hydration and elimination of dryness in the lips, along with the treatment against wrinkles, allows for an appearance of youth and cellular restoration.

6.- Correct lines of expression

Expression lines are the marks that form around the lips over time. They are fine lines or wrinkles that reveal age and affect the appearance of the face.

  • ∙ Expression lines can result from laughter or other expressions such as disgust.
  • ∙ These gestures may remain on the face and around the mouth as expression lines.

The lip filler treatment helps to diminish and eliminate these expression lines. This results in a more beautiful and youthful appearance.

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