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  What is the strip lips treatment?

The strip lips treatment is a cosmetic procedure that involves sterile strips placed on the upper and lower lips. This technique uses hyaluronic acid fillers and medical strips to get the desired shape on the lips.

The goal is to create a smoother, more defined lip line. It can help make the lips look fuller and more defined. The results are outstanding. The patient has a dramatic change on their lips, according to their esthetic objectives and face profile.

The treatment is also known as lips taping or butterfly lips. It’s the latest trend in cosmetic medicine. This technique’s goals are to reshape lips and avoid migration of the filler substance. Besides, the patient must keep the strips for one or two days while the lips get their best shape.

Strip lips treatment is a great practice to repair migration. If you had a lip filler with an inexperienced doctor or injector, you may have a solution quickly and easily. Now, you don’t need ten sessions to dissolve the fillers when things went bad. The best solution is the Strip lips treatment to dissolve and replace the lip fillers on the same day.

The results of this procedure can last up to several months, depending on age and lifestyle habits. The strip lips treatment is an effective way to enhance the appearance of the lips and can be done safely with minimal downtime. Consult with a qualified doctor before undergoing this procedure.

How does the strip lips treatment work?

Strip lips treatment works for lips augmentation, giving a beautiful shape to the lips. Besides, it’s a way to repair bad results by an inexperienced injector.

The treatment consists basically of taping the lips and injecting dermal fillers to give a more prominent Cupids’ bow and upper and lower lips augmentation.

These are the most common steps:

  1. The practitioner uses sterile tape to frame the lips’ borders.

  2. The medical tape holds the lips in an outward direction.

  3. That gives sharp lips.

  4. Tapes prevent filler migration.

  5. The doctor injects fillers of hyaluronic acid.

  6. In the case of correction, the lips may need to dissolve the fillers with hyaluronidase.

  7. It helps to repair migration when the filler moves under the skin affecting the final result.

  8. The lips refilling occurs in the same session.

  9.  The doctor applies tape around the borders of the lips to get the desired shape.

  10. Besides, the tape prevents the hyaluronidase spreads to the newly injected filler.

  11. Before strip lips treatment, the patient must wait several days until the filler dissolves to get a new injection. Now the doctor may perform the treatment immediately.

Why should they prevent filler migration?

Filler migration is an unwanted result in some cases of lips augmentation using dermal fillers. That means that the hyaluronic acid moves inside the lips and makes an unnatural look.

That can happen due to an inexperienced application or a lack of care in the following hours after the treatment.

The tapes around the lips help to avoid migration and to get a beautiful result. You must keep the sterile strips over your lips for one or two days. It causes no pain or discomfort, but it may affect your look.

The immediate results of strip lips in beauty

  • ∙ The treatment improves the angle of the lips to make them more beautiful.
  • ∙ The treatment gives better control over the results to give the desired output.
  • ∙ It gives a more prominent Cupid bow.
  • ∙ Harmonic augmentation, avoiding unnatural results.
  • ∙ It makes the lips fresher and more sensitive.
  • ∙ Strip lips give a plumping effect on the lips.

Benefits of strip lips treatment

The benefits of strip lips treatment are numerous.

  • ∙ It can help to make the lips look fuller, plumper, and more defined without having to resort to invasive or expensive treatments.
  • ∙ It is a great way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth area for a younger-looking complexion.
  • ∙ The treatment also helps improve the texture and tone of the lips by encouraging natural collagen production.
  • ∙ It can even help reduce dark spots and other discoloration around the delicate area, creating a more even tone.
  • ∙ Furthermore, strip lips treatment has been known to help combat dryness and improve hydration levels in the skin for improved health and a supple feel.
  • ∙ Finally, it is a very safe and reliable treatment that doesn’t require any downtime or recovery time afterward.
  • ∙ This is an ideal choice for those who want to achieve great-looking lips without having to worry about the risks and costs associated with surgical treatments.
  • ∙ Overall, strip lips treatment is a beneficial way to improve both the look and feel of your lips while also providing long-lasting results.

Where to find the treatment?

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