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What are facial implants?

Facial implants are synthetic bio-compatible devices that are surgically implanted into the face to improve face shape and contour and to reverse facial aging changes.

Face implants are most commonly made of silicone although other materials such as porous polyethylene implants are also used.

Why facial implant procedures?

  • To add volume to the aging face
  • To correct a flat face by adding shape to the cheekbones
  • To have high cheekbones
  • To lift the cheeks for anti-aging
  • To enhance or enlarge the chin
  • To lengthen the jawline
  • To improve the jowls
  • To correct the tear trough, a deep depression running from the corner of the nose out to the side of the cheek
  • To improve overall face shape

Where exactly are implants placed in the face?

Facial implants are commonly used in the face in the following regions:

  • Chin implant to lengthen the jawline, improve the jowls and enlarge the chin.
  • Cheek implants or zygomatic implant to make the high cheekbone appearance, restore volume to the midface, to lift the cheek and to lessen the nasal labial fold.
  • Jaw implants or mandibular implants to widen and lengthen the narrow jaw and improve jowling.
  • Tear trough implants to fill the tear through a deep depression beneath the lower eyelid that runs out to the side of the cheek making a trough in which tears can flow. Tear trough implants are a solution to the tear trough, but fat injection may also be done. Tear troughs are sometimes mistakenly called dark circles under the eyes which is a different problem.

Are facial implants really safe?

Facial implants are safe if placed by a board certified plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Guadalajara who is experienced in facial implant and craniofacial surgery. Side effects such as improper placement, asymmetry, or loss of implant can occur but are unusual when an expert does this surgery.

What will my results be after facial implant surgery?

In the beginning, you will have a swollen and possibly bruised appearance. It will take 2-3 weeks for most of the swelling and bruising to go away.

What is the recovery process like after facial implants?

Plan a 2-3 week recovery. After face implant surgery there is usually swelling and sometimes bruising. The result of your implant surgery will, in the beginning, look too large or too noticeable.

After 4-6 weeks most of the swelling is gone and the implant assumes its final shape and size.

Will I see the final result of my facial implant surgery soon?

It takes time for your face to adjust to the new shape created by your facial implants. Final result following facial implant surgery can take 6 weeks.

What is the average cost of facial implants ?

Chin implants typically cost as little as $3500-$4600 but complex mid-face cheek implants, jaw implants, and tear trough implants can cost as much as $11,000.

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Facial implants can restore balance to the facial features and help you enhance your appearance and self-confidence. If you would like to learn more about facial implants, or other facial rejuvenation procedures such as otoplastyeyelid surgery or rhinoplasty, schedule a consultation today