Scar Treatment


Scar Treatment

There is not a method that can completely remove the scars. However, by the fractional laser, the swollen scars can be softened, reduced in level of the skin, their redness can be corrected, and even the mature scars can be made better. It is also quite effective in reducing the sequelae occurred based on burning, softening grafts, and treatment of stretch marks.

Scars can emerge in different regions of the body, by different reasons. Each situation that disrupts integrity of the body heals with scar. Only the top layer of our skin has the ability of self-renewal. The woundings under this layer will definitely heal with scar. Also in plastic surgery scars are left, but these scars are formed so as to be least clear by special techniques.

How Many Types Of Scar Treatment Can Be Performed?

Scar treatment can be performed by surgery and laser. Apart from these, sometimes steroid injections can be performed for swollen healings, keloid, and hypertrophic scars.

Scar Revision Scar Treatment By Surgery

Firstly surgery is planned in the scar treatment. If the scars are in an area that they can be removed surgically, if they are swollen or sunken, and if they are in state opposite to the body lines; the scar can be made thin, slight and compatible with the body lines by surgery. Generally the scar revision is performed under local anesthesia. The sutures heal in 5-10 days. The remaining scars are clear and red in the early period, but they fade and become in same color with the skin in long period. And this gets satisfactory results. This process continues for about 2 years. Dr. Sergio Verduzco may suggest you cream, gel and laser treatment within this period.

State Of Razor Blade Scars

Especially the razor blade scars can be turned into a thin long single scar by forming scars parallel to each other. In this case, a sense will occur as if the patient did not give harm to hiself/herself, his/her arm was broken, he/she had surgery, and a scar is left as a result. Consequently, the first preference in razor blade scars is surgery if it can be performed. However, these scars may be unclear, or so as cannot be removed surgically. And in that case, razor blade scar treatment can be performed by fractional laser.

Scar Treatment By Fractional Carbon Dioxide CO2 Laser

It is possible to make better the scars by fractional laser if there is a situation that does not require surgery, or the scars left after the surgery to be performed.

Laser treatments of scars require minimum 3-5 sessions. The treatment intervals are 4 weeks in average. In each application scab or peeling occurs for 4-5 days on the facial region, 15 days on the body region. When this peeling is fallen, the skin becomes much smoother. As time passes by, healing continues, and even just 1 session benefit is provided. When it is performed in this way with repeating intervals, the scars reach a more homogeneous, soft, and close-to-skin appearance.

Success rates in the laser treatment of scars change depending upon the state of the present scar. There will not be a decrease in number for the razor blade scars in the treatment, but the visibility and clarity of scar will be reduced. The swollen scars will be reduced in level of the skin; the scar will be faded, softened and become in an acceptable state.


Scar Treatment Prices

The prices of scar treatment vary according to the size, localization, and direction of the scars. Also, the scar treatment prices vary depending on the type of treatment to be performed. Scar treatment by surgery, and scar treatment by laser will be priced differently. The state of how many sessions the laser scar treatment will be performed is also among the factors affecting the price. The treatment of razor blade scars will be preffered whether by surgery or laser also affects prices. To get information about the wound scar treatment prices, you should get examined by Dr. Sergio Verduzco.