Jaw Contouring in tijuana

Jaw Contouring in Tijuana

When the lower portion of the facial structure has a wide appearance, it can reflect a square and or angled shape to the face or distort the appearance of the angle of the jaw.

A widened jaw can be a result of enlargement of the muscles that we use for chewing, such as the masseter muscle. Excessive chewing, teeth clenching, or grinding the teeth can be some important factors to enlargement of the jaw muscles and the desire for jaw reduction.

Where square or prominent jaws are often considered to be a desirable trait for many men, a widened jaw can cause facial disharmony for men or women as well as bring an unwelcome masculine quality to the female face, especially when there is also a lack of symmetry.

About The Procedure

A non-surgical jaw contouring procedure can be performed in the office, with the use of minimally-invasive techniques. For excessively enlarged jaw muscles, jaw reduction can be treated without the need for surgery using Botox or Dysport. This works by precisely injecting Botox or Dysport into the enlarged jaw muscles, which then works to relax the muscles, lessening the activity of the jaw muscles, resulting in decreased use of the jaw muscles and overall jaw reduction. Dr. Verduzco’s goal, when performing a non-surgical jaw reduction, is to create a softer facial appearance of the lower face, to create a softer, balanced appearance, particularly for women.

Dr. Verduzco prides himself in being able to perform a multitude of cosmetic facial procedures, without leaving behind any visible scarring. In some cases, multiple treatments may be required to reach a noticeable jaw reduction and achieve optimal results for a balanced look that fits the contours of your facial structure.

By using Botox or Dysport injections, you can pick up your day, right where you left off. Improvement in the jaw size following non-surgical jaw reduction generally starts to reveal changes within a few weeks after your non-surgical jaw reduction treatment.

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