Non-Surgical Buttocks in Tijuana

Enhance and Lift your Buttocks with Sculptra Injections with Dr. Verduzco

What is a Non-Surgical Buttock Augmentation?

For men and women who don’t want buttock implants, don’t have fat to transfer to their buttocks, or just don’t want the downtime of surgery, Sculptra injections to the buttocks are a safe and effective alternative. Sculptra was originally FDA approved in the 1970’s for injection to the face and have been used in the face since. With fuller and more shapely buttocks now being the trend, men and women have turned to us for help in this area. Our number one recommendation is fat transfer to the buttocks. If that is not a viable option, Sculptra injections are a non-invasive way of gradually buidling your own collagen to achieve your desired results. We have treated our staff and they would be happy to speak to you about their experience.

How long does it take for Sculptra to grow?

Initially, when Sculptra is injected, it appears great but this is only water and will go down over a 3-day period. The Sculptra particles, made of lactic acid, stimulate your own collagen to grow over 2-3 months and up to one year. We recommend re-injection every month with at least 20 vials until desired outcomes are achieved including lift and shape. Our happiest patients have had around 60-100 vials injected in total.

How long will the results last?

The longest studies out on Sculptra looking at longevity tout a 5 year longevity, at least. Studies are continuing to see if it lasts even longer.

How long does the procedure take?

The numbing takes about 30 minutes and the procedure itself takes about 30 minutes as well.

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