Eye Brow Lift

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Eye Brows

The eyebrow naturally falls and droops with age, especially the sides of the brow more than the area closer to the nose. This sagging tissue then crowds the upper eyes, making them appear smaller. A droopy brow can even decrease visual field in severe cases.

A trip to the plastic surgeon’s office may be required to lift a fallen brow, with brow lift or forehead lift surgery as a permanent option for the brow. However, not all patients are candidates for surgery. Instead, wrinkle relaxers, such as Dysport®, may be used as a temporary alternative to surgery to alter the shape and/or position of the eyebrows, in addition to reducing wrinkles.

Why Dysport?

Facial muscles around the brow pull the skin in various directions. These wrinkle relaxers target the muscles that contribute to wrinkles and temporarily soften their action. Understanding facial anatomy, Dr. Sergio Verduzco may then lift or arch the brow by selectively treating certain muscles in specific ways to maximize the intrinsic lifting up while minimizing the pulling down of the brow from this muscle activity.


Dr. Sergio Verduzco tailors your treatment based on multiple factors, such as facial anatomy, degree of aging, and preference.Nonsurgical brow lift is not a replacement for brow lift surgery. Keep in mind that results with a nonsurgical brow lift generally tend to be more subtle as compared to brow lift surgery, but recovery is obviously much easier than surgery. Results with Dysport injections develop gradually over several days and last on average about three months. Lastly, patients may continue to want Dysport even after brow lift surgery to maintain smoother skin.dysport tijuana