Weak Chin Treatment in Tijuana

Weak Chin Overview

The chin and jawline are responsible for framing our facial features and play a pivotal role in shaping our face. Correcting a weak chin or soft jawline can improve the appearance of a large nose and even decrease the appearance of sagging jowls. While chin and jaw implants can provide permanent and transformative results in reshaping facial structure, surgery comes with inherent risks and requires an uncomfortable recovery period.

Nonsurgical chin and jaw enhancement is a minimally-invasive way to smooth contours, balance inconsistencies, increase definition and provide a more feminine or masculine facial profile. Nonsurgical options provide a subtle but noticeable change for a more pronounced and defined chin or jawline without scars, side effects or downtime.


During your initial consultation, we will discuss your aesthetic concerns and determine what combination of fillers is necessary to produce your desired results. Nonsurgical chin and jaw enhancement can be done with permanent, semi-permanent and non-permanent injectable fillers for results that can last anywhere from six months to about 2 years. Regular maintenance appointments are needed for some fillers to maintain your results and we will discuss how often you will need to schedule your regular appointments, if necessary. Non-permanent options are the most common as results are temporary and reversible.

Depending on the results you desire, we will determine which areas of your chin and/or jawline require reshaping and will recommend products with varying lifespans from which you may choose.


Once your individual treatment plan has been developed, injectable fillers will be used to sculpt your new chin and/or jaw contours. The treatment takes less than 10 minutes to complete. depending on how large of an enhancement you are targeting. A small amount of filler is precisely injected along several points in the jawline and the chin to balance inconsistencies, increase size or smooth sharp contours. The procedure is done with a fine needle and is almost pain free when with the application of topical anesthetic.

weak chin filler tiuana


You may experience mild swelling or skin redness around the injection sites, but this will subside within a couple of days and makeup can be used to cover it up the next day. No bandages or dressings are needed after your procedure. No downtime is required once the injections are completed and you are free to resume work and other regular activities without unsightly side effects. Over time, the body will naturally absorb some dermal fillers, causing results to gradually diminish. Depending on your treatment plan, you may be required to schedule routine appointments for consistent results.

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